The best excursions in Nosy Be
There are many things to see in Nosy Be, and the program of excursions and scuba diving agreement with the villa In A Gadda Da Vida organizes a wide range of proposals and ideas to make the holiday in Madagascar unforgettable.

Excursion at Tanikely Volona Komba

Stop 1: Nosy Tanikely. It is a marine park (integral reserve) where you will be able to do snorkeling and swim together with sea turtles.

Stop 2: Nosy Volona. An isthmus of sand and basaltic rocks that disappears with high tide (for this reason it is also known as “Neverland”). The nearest islands are taboo for non-animists but you can take amazing photos of them from the sea.

Stop 3: Nosy Komba. It’s a natural park where you will be able to see lemurs or visit the local handicraft market of the fishers’ village.

Departure: the beach in front of the villa.

Details: one-day excursion, 40-50 minutes boat journey, lunch in a typical restaurant on the Nosy Komba beach, snorkeling equipment included.

Suggestions: bring local currency should you want to buy anything at the market, sun protection, anti-mosquito spray, hat, beach towel, camera, k-way, flippers and a mask.

Parc National Marin Nosy Tanikely

Excursion at Nosy Iranja

When you think about the most beautiful island of Madagascar, Nosy Iranja is a great candidate. It comprises two small islands, connected by an isthmus of white fine sand. When high tide arrives, the beach disappears, and the two islands are separated by the sea. You will also find a fishers’ village where antique and fascinating traditions are still intact.

Departure: the beach in front of the villa

Details: half-day excursion, 80 minutes boat journey, lunch with typical Malagasy grilled meat, fish and vegetables on the beach, under the shadow of the palms. Return planned for 5 pm

Suggestions: bring sun protection, anti-mosquito spray, hat, beach towel, camera and k-way

 View of Nosy Iranja from above

Excursion in the Lokobe forest

This area, reachable through beautiful pirogues, will make you able to see the most characteristic scenarios of Madagascar. Here you will be able to find the large part of the endemic plants of this Country, as well as to meet lemurs, chameleons and some specimen of boa.

Departure: 8 am from the reception of the Corail Noir Hotel with a shuttle or taxi.

Details: one-day excursion, return planned for 4 pm.

Suggestions: beach wear for departure, long pants and comfortable shoes in the forest, anti-mosquito spray, camera.

Arrival in pirogue in the primary forest of Lokobe

Nosy Be Tour

Morning: a tour rich of colours, voices and scents to discover the everyday activities, the inhabitants of the island, the centers of commerce as well as the spirituality of Nosy Be. You will get to know sacred places as well as daily lives. You will be able to visit the handicraft markets with their original products, as well as meat, fish and spice markets, the administrative offices of the island at Hell Ville port (with its antique cannons), the several small shops and the chocolate shop.

Afternoon: the second part of the excursion will focus on the natural beauty of the island. We will make a stop at the wonderful white beach of Andilana, to move to Mont Passot (the highest part of the island) moving along the 4 volcanic laces where the sacred crocodiles live. Once arrived at our destination, you will be able to see the whole island from up high and enjoy an incredible sunset.

Departure: from the reception of the Hotel Corail Noir with a shuttle or taxi.

Details: one-day excursion


Andilana beach

Animist tour

Not too far from the Hell Ville capital you can find Marodoka, the first village of Nosy Be. Here an association of women born in this village – called Ravinala – works to preserve and protect the cultural and historical heritage of the village. The animist excursion includes a visit to some suggestive and very characteristics places

We will start from the so-called House of the Phantoms and its Ficus, to move to the Mosques: the Friday Mosque (the first Mosque in Madagascar) as well as the Mosque constructed for the African slaves. After a suggestive walk among breadfruit plants and coffee plants, we will reach a quiet Indian cemetery. The whole travel will be accompanied by ancestral dances and traditional cuisine to taste. It will also be possible to have your face decorated with antique drawings

Finally, you will learn about the traditional rituals of the Sacred Tree, which is a necessary condition to be admitted in this house of prayer and pilgrimage

Departure: 8:30 am from the reception of the Hotel Corail Noir

Details: half-day excursion, return in Villa planned for lunch time

Suggestions: comfortable clothing and shoes, camera, antimosquito spray

Excursion at Nosy Fanihi and Nosy Sakatia

Morning: an experience full of sun, snorkeling and relax. Swim in a sea with wonderful colours and shades, surrounded by white seashells and pieces of corals

Afternoon: explore the whole territory of Sakatia. This place has not been changed by mass tourism yet and it’s fascinating and rich of sand beaches surrounded by palms, fruit trees and tropical flowers. The staff will choose, based on sea and wind conditions, the best beach to relax and do snorkeling

Departure: from the beach in front of the villa

Details: one-day excursion. 25/30 minutes boat journey and lunch at the beach of Sakatia

Suggestions: bring a beach towel, sun protection and a hat, camera, flippers and a mask

Nosy Sakatia at sunset

Other excursions at Nosy Be

  • Nosy Tanikely
  • Nosy Komba
  • Nosy Fanihi
  • Snorkeling at the Nosy Sakatia pool
  • Excursion in Quad in the Nosy Be inland
  • Horse riding on the beach
  • Whale watching (from August to October)
  • Snorkeling with the whale shark (from October to December)

Departure: 8 am

Details: half-day excursions with return planned at 1 pm

Aqua Diving

The excursions are organized by Aqua. The excursions may be subject to the presence of 8 participants, to safety (weather alerts) as well as seasonality (rains, angry sea, absence of the objective of the excursion).

The snorkeling equipment is landed for free only during excursions organized by Aqua.